110 Truths About Right-Wing Republicans


1. At the most basic level, the right-wing republican is a fascist authoritarian forever in search of a world where their opinion of what constitutes morality is mandated by the government.

2. Mandating their moral opinions can only be secured by a fascist authoritarian state.

3. The right-wing republican religion reveres the twin gods of guns and predatory capitalism and is overseen by a priesthood of corporate CEO’s.

4. "Freedom" to the right-wing republican is strictly freedom of the government to force adherence to right-wing republican opinions and agendas.

5. All non-weapon related individual freedoms are despised by the right-wing republican because they mean moral independence from right-wing republican religious rule.

6. The fundamental power struggle of the right-wing republican is religious authority v. corporate authority. The individual must be relieved of all power in favor of the corporate and religious control.

7. Individualism demands moral responsibility. However the right-wing republicans cannot mandate their version of morality, as long as individuals demand independence, liberty, and freedom from tyranny.

8. The U.S. Constitution - specifically the Bill of Rights put forth to protect the rights and liberty of individuals- is the enemy of the right-wing republicans and their corporate masters who favor profits above human life or liberty.

9. The right-wing republican despises the United States Government because it is the last best protector of individual freedom and liberty and promoter of independence from corporate religious rule around the world.

10. All right-wing republican institutions and concerns - religious, corporate, etc. - serve no relevant purpose other than the promotion of authoritarianism.

11. Abortion is a demonstration of individual freedom over the right-wing republican religious authority, and therefore must be stopped by mandate of government.

12. The basis of religious authoritarianism is the elimination of individual self-determination, in favor of dogmatic obedience to a religious authority.

13. The right-wing republican must create an atmosphere of crisis and fear to justify the sacrifice of more individual freedoms and liberties through the granting of more power and control to corporate and religious authority.

14. Any person who does not support or promote government sponsored religious control and doesn’t adhere to the right-wing republican version of moral consequence is the enemy of the right-wing republican and must be oppressed or converted by force.

15. Despite decades of spectacular failure, the right-wing republican clings to the authoritarian dream because it is far more than a theory of government. It is a religion.

16. The right-wing republican seeks to destroy any institution which can present the next generation with any alternative to the corporate and religious authoritarian abuse - public schools, child abuse agencies, pediatric associations, etc.

17. Right-wing republicans despise freedom because they despise anything which weakens corporate or religious control over the population.

18. The right-wing republican applauds the persecution of any parents who dare to raise their children outside the control of right-wing republican religious authority.

19. Private ownership of guns is the single greatest illusion of individual power, and therefore must be promoted above all real individual freedoms and liberties like control over one’s own body.

20. All individual freedoms promote independent thought and self-determination. This encourages independence from any controlling corporate or religious behavioral mandates.
21. The right-wing republican loves George W Bush because of who he is, not in spite of who he is. They do not want a leader who is smarter than they are.

22. The right-wing republican despises international unity because it promotes peace, which is bad for right-wing republican war profiteers.

23. The right-wing republican hates any international or global social alliance not based on right-wing republican religious views, and not bowing to right-wing republican religious authority, because it serves to erode the already deteriorating grasp on power that the right wing holds.

24. The right-wing republican fears any hint of individualism in any part of the world, and is obsessed with the centralized religious control of all human activity and thought.

25. "Multi-culturalism" is the bane of the right-wing republican, because it stresses the equality of those who are different and have different views than the right-wing republican. Thus it empowers and validates alternatives to the corporate and religious authoritarian rule, and must be stomped out in favor of rich white elitist superiority.

26. Tolerance is so alien to the right-wing republicans that they believe a liberal who refuses to tolerate oppression, violence, or fascist authoritarian rule, are not being truly tolerant.

27. The right-wing republican seeks to criminalize any activity that does not adhere to and promote the right-wing republican version of morality. They do not care if this flies in the face of all constitutional freedoms.

28. Right-wing republicans lie as a matter of course.

29. The right-wing republican's only method of debate is to insult and threaten anyone who dares to disagree.

30. When possible, right-wing republicans oppress anyone who questions, or does not share, their beliefs.

31. Right-wing republicans despise all innocence - especially the innocence of a child. That is why they seek to allow their church the authority hide behind their bible as a justification for physical, emotional, and even sexual child abuse.

32. Right-wing republicans seek to demonize all sex, outside that which is mandated by their religious authority for the purpose of reproduction as evil, sinful, and dirty. They do not care if this demonizing of natural sexual desires leads to the kind of psychological problems that can result in the rape, child molestation, and other predatory sexual behavior that even the Vatican recently admitted is running rampant in missions and churches all over the world.

33. In the right-wing republican mind, anything that protects your freedom not to adhere to their religious views, is religious persecution.

34. The ability of the middle class and poor to own private property and develop individual wealth are integral to individualism, and thus is the enemy of corporate control.

35. The right-wing republican hates you. It is only your money they care about.

36. The right-wing republican seeks to replace an objective, logical, and secular world view with an authoritarian religious world view based in fear, and dogma.

37. The right-wing republican typically chooses a career that produces nothing of value, but allows them to stroke their desire for authority and power - televangelist, commentator, security guard, "freedom fighter"(if a fire fighter fights fires, and a crime fighter fights crime… what does a freedom fighter fight?)

38. Right-wing republican programs enrich corporations by extracting and transferring the wealth from the middle class and working poor, to the rich.

39. The right-wing republican despises individual power being held by anyone other than rich white males or their subservient wives.

40. Right-wing republicans will claim feminists groups are about lesbianism and socialism, not equal rights for women, because right-wing republicans fear and hate anything which does not adhere to their religious views, which like that of the Talaban, dictate women are to be powerless and submissive.

41. Right-wing republicans are perfectly willing to destroy you financially, remove your children, and imprison you for what you believe.

42. Right-wing republicans fear technology and change - because neither can be centrally controlled by a single religious or corporate authority.

43. Right-wing republicans are obsessed with sex, as a primary result of their unnatural and abnormal repression of normal and natural sexual behavior. Hence, sexual activity is the dominant theme and key focus of the right-wing republican corporate media as well as the right-wing republican political establishment.

44. Right-wing republicans love the suburbs and see them as a ripe crop of revenue generating middle class wage slaves, who’s hard work and taxes fund the glut of corporate and religious welfare supported by the right-wing republicans.

45. Right-wing republicans despise any relationship that does not follow their religious rules for marriage and family because they are relationships that demonstrate the fallacy of the nuclear family and erode the control held by the right-wing republican religious authority.

46. Right-wing republicans love to encourage automobile dependence, as it requires the American consumer to buy oil and gasoline resources that are controlled by right-wing republican corporations. They try to present the automobile as a symbol of individual freedom and power… when in fact it is an example of how the average person has been made dependant on right-wing republican controlled corporations for their very ability to move from one place to another.

47. Right-wing republicans hate alternative fuels and mass public transportation, as they represent a huge loss in profits for the oil and gasoline industries that make up the financial backbone of the right-wing republican party.

48. Right-wing republicans seek to destroy public schools, and force all children into private schools where they can be indoctrinated into the world of religious authoritarianism, and the government can be made to fund it with tax payer money.

49. Right-wing republicans love AIDS, because the majority of victims world-wide are black or homosexual… and right-wing republicans believe AIDS is punishment from their God on those who do not follow their religious authority.

50. Right-wing republicans are more crazed and fanatical than liberals because their politics are also their religion. To a right-wing republican, politics are simply a means to gain money and power, with which to mandate their religious views and facilitate corporate control.

51. Whenever a right-wing republican expresses concern "for the children", they are using and targeting children to expand religious control, authoritarianism, and their own pocketbooks and egos.

52. Because authoritarian right-wing republicans believe their version of morality is the only morality, right-wing republicans have no problem with deceit, oppression, or violence in their pursuit of total authoritarian control and religious domination.

53. Right-wing republicans are elitists who exempt themselves from the oppressive rules they impose on the general population. To see this, one need only look at Bob Barr, Bob Livingston, Newt Gingrinch, Right-wing republican Marty, Dan Burton, etc..

54. Right-wing republicans howl “religious persecution” if a white christian male or their views are questioned or debated, yet openly bash women, gays, blacks, the poor, the elderly, in national forums.

55. Right-wing republicans dream of a corporate controlled authoritarian fascist state. We all pay corporations so we can drive cars though smog and traffic to our 6am-6pm non-union corporate job, so we can make enough money to pay another corporation for our medical treatment after breathing poisoned air and drinking poisoned water all day.

56. Right-wing republicans believe that wealth is the sole property of the upper class – as such they feel they should be excluded from taxation. Right-wing republicans feel it is the responsibility of the poor and middle class to support the decadent lifestyle of the rich. When the poor and middle class refuse, the corporate elite use monopolies and price fixing schemes to line their pockets with more our your money.

57. Right-wing republicans claim to be against violence, yet resist hate crime legislation. The right-wing republicans use hate and fear as primary political tools.

58. Right-wing republicans have enormous compassion for corporate criminal predators, but little for the victims.

59. Pro-lifers hate women.

60. Right-wing republicans believe that they should be allowed to abuse children, if they just call it, “passing on religious values.” Violence, and abuse are right-wing republican religious values.

61. Right-wing republicans use catch-phrases like "compassionate conservative”, to try and hide their malicious agenda, but their only moral is the accumulation of power and control.

62. Right-wing republicans ideologies tend inevitably towards world-wide authoritarianism.

63. Right-wing republicans are never satisfied with the power they have gained over the lives of individuals - they must control every thought and detail of human activity and force it to adhere to their religious authority.

64. In the right-wing republican world, all problems stem from independence from their religious dogma, and non-compliance with their corporate authority.

65. Right-wing republicans are uneducated, bigoted, and raised on hate.

66. Ronny Reagan raped SELENE WALTERS. Right-wing republicans don't care.

67. George W Bush used the IRS to shift the tax burden to the middle class and working poor, while giving away billions in tax breaks and corporate welfare to the rich.

68. Right-wing republicans are obsessed with debunking evolution, to support their religious dogma which is based on the existence of some all-powerful angry old man in the sky watching everything you do. This is the ideal image of leadership and authority to a right-wing republican. This is what they aspire to be and have… leadership with singular authority and limitless power that knows all aspects of your private life and is angry, spiteful, powerful, cruel, and willing to brutalize and slaughter those who do not obey their rules.

69. Right-wing republicans are so dependent on religious and corporate authority to tell them how to act and what to think, that they cannot even conceive of being truly independent of that authority.

70. Right-wing republicans despise abortion, birth control, and divorce and want the government to make these thing illegal or inaccessible for you and me… yet they consistently engage in or use all three when it suits them.

71. Right-wing republicans believe that it is better that millions of Africans die in the agony of AIDS, than one pharmaceutical corporation lose one cent in profit made from outrageous opportunistic price gouging of those in need of the medications they produce.

72. A working woman who decides not to be a mother, enrages a right-wing republican. Especially if she decides to engage in sexual behavior with the use of birth control. Right-wing republicans view children as a consequence of sex, and feel that women who have sex and no children are not being appropriately punished for receiving sexual pleasure. Additionally right-wing republicans see children as a means to keep women anchored to the home, where they feel she should be submissive and servile.

73. Right-wing republicans admire the Chinese forced abortion policy because, like right-wing republican anti-abortion policy, it is based around the central concept of denying women choice and control over their own bodies.

74. Twenty years after airline deregulation, that resulted in dozens of crashes and collisions, right-wing republicans applaud a system that has been created, because it has allowed a few corporations to buy up most of the airlines. Thus crating another monopoly capable of price gouging desperate dependant consumers.

75. Human life is cheap in the right-wing republican world. Unless it is the life of an unborn fetus, or a terminally ill person who wants to end their suffering. Because then, the termination of life represents a blatant rejection of right-wing republican religious authority. If it is a soldier fighting a war over oil, a school child with a hand gun, or a retarded person on death row… then their life means nothing to right-wing republicans.

76. Right-wing republicans are Puritans - pompous, uptight, and legalistic. They crave a bland, monotheistic culture where dissent is oppressed by criminal law.

77. Right-wing republicans cannot conceive of a solution to a problem, which does not involve religion or a corporation.

78. Right-wing republicans bash Hillary's claim that it takes a village to raise a child. Yet look at the behavior of Hillary’s daughter vs. George W Bush’s daughters. Whose daughters are getting busted for underage drinking on a weekly basis?

79. Right-wing republicans hate European nations that continue to demonstrate the incredible long-term success of liberal governments geared towards social progressive goals.

80. Given the chance, right-wing republicans would ban the 1st amendment as "religious persecution".

81. Right-wing republicans see people as nothing more than profit. You make money for them by working for one of their corporations, and then you make more money for them by taking what little they pay you and passing it on to another corporation for electricity, gasoline, or prescription drugs. If you do not do this, you are a threat to the corporate authority profit machine.

82. Right-wing republicans cannot allow liberals to implement liberal policy items, such as prescription drug coverage for seniors or universal health care, lest the nation see first hand that liberal policy works.

83. ALL liberal social programs from health care to head start could be 100% funded, using only a fraction of what right-wing republicans are now gleefully spending on corporate welfare and bloated defense contracts for things like star wars projects that did not, and still do not, work.

84. Right-wing republicans attacked the returning of Elian Gonzalez to his father because they said the boy’s father wanted to take him back to a communist hell hole. The rights of a parent mean nothing to right-wing republicans, unless it is the right of a parent to beat their child, or let their priest beat the child. When the father wants to demonstrate his free will and his independence by returning with his son, to his HOME, right-wing republicans say he must be stopped.

85. Marty Glickman (republican marty) is a pedophile and a rapist. The right-wing republican media admire him.

86. Right-wing republicans love the death penalty because it allows them to play out their fantasy of being a angry and vengeful authoritarian god that strikes dead those he deems unfit to live. Right-wing republicans talk about the value of life, but the only value life has to right-wing republicans is as a political fund-raising issue or something for them to snuff out so they can feel more like their god.

87. Right-wing republicans fear and hate homosexuals, yet when anyone points out that their hate is in fact hateful, they are accused of being irrational. Right-wing republican Dick Army, called Barney Frank a “fag” on the floor of congress. This is how normalized the hate is for right-wing republicans. In the Right-wing republican mind there is no difference between being told, “It is a crime to beat this man to death for being gay.” And saying “you must submit to non-consensual anal sex immediately!”

88. Environmentalists are a threat to right-wing republican corporations that depend on being allowed to destroy the environment, in order to make their profits. Right-wing republicans will stop at nothing to eliminate them.

89. Right-wing republicans are so bent on religious control over the population, that if an artist or film maker so much as dares to present a criticism of the church, it is labeled as persecution and religious intolerance.

90. Air and water are natural resources that are now too abundant to be really profitable to a right-wing republican corporation. So they will continue to pollute the air and water until the supplies of clean air and water are so low, that a corporation can control it and charge you for the very air you breathe.

91. Right-wing republicans despise non-Ivy League colleges, and always have. Ever since the benefits of higher education became available to the average person, right-wing republicans have been attacking the institutions. When knowledge and education was no longer limited to the wealthy elite and their children, liberals started gaining numbers. Right-wing republicans hate education that is available to the public, because education creates more liberals than right-wing republicans.

92. Right-wing republicans support the right of parents to do things to children, that if done to another adult would result in criminal assault charges.

93. Right-wing republican bureaucrats and corporations oppress liberals and minorities whenever possible.

94. Right-wing republicans are nasty, violent, thugs.

95. Right-wing republicans believe it is better thousands of women die in the agony of back alley abortions, than one woman be allowed to have a lawful abortion performed by a doctor.

96. A right-wing republican would sooner pull out his own teeth with a pair of pliers than give up their corporate welfare and military defense pork.

97. Right-wing republicans have never really given up on Hitler's ideas or methods.

98. Pedophilia is a big part of priesthood culture that right wing republicans turn to for moral guidence.

99. Right-wing republicans dream of a massive network of government funded church officers who control individual families in detail to ensure strict adherence to religious mandates and dogma.

100. The goal of the right-wing republican Party is world-wide authoritarianism, under their religious and corporate control.

101. The primary tool of conservatism is paranoia based on falsehood.

102. Like the modern right-wing republicans, Hitler was a predatory capitalist and a social fascist, backed by corporations interested in one thing… profit above all.

103. Right-wing republicans crave the kind of Gestapo "Zero-tolerance" society seen in tough on crime legislation and war on drugs policy that right-wing republicans continue to support.

104. The right-wing republican worships corporate dependence for life, and religious dependence for thought.

105. The right-wing republican is an intolerant, narrow-minded authoritarian.

106. The right-wing republicans claim to want a smaller government, yet continue to support invasive federal governmental powers to legislate morality… as long as it is their morality. They do not mind the government telling you how to live, what you can do with your body, what you can put in your body, when you can have sex and with whom, as well as when you can die. What they consider invasive is a government that tells teachers in public schools that they cannot force kids to pray or a government that will not allow church sponsored child abuse and even rape. Then right-wing republicans feel the government is infringing on their rights.

107. The national media is an extension of the corporations that own the republican party.

108. For the right-wing republicans, "bi-partisan" means doing what they say… or else!

109. Anti-choice "activists" are more about hatred of women than love of children.

110. The right-wing republican's favorite book, "The Bible", glorifies child murder, rape, and pedophilia, among other perversions.

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