Freepers : The Foundation Of The Republican Party


Much like the escaped convict in "Great Expectations," who secretly provided Pip with his means, the ranting racist retards at provide the republican party with their support. And similarly, neither the party nor Pip could deal with the embarrassment that would result if the true nature of this support were every discovered.

In fact, republicans are so embarrassed by the racism and hatred spewing from the freepers, an online community of typical republicans, that Secretary of State Harris and Judge Sauls both canceled their scheduled appearances at a recent freeper convention.

"The Premier Conservative News Forum." That's how is presented. These are typical republican conservatives. These are the average republican voters... the rank and file of the party faithful. And that simple fact is the very last thing that the republican party wants normal people to know about. That's one of the reasons W is making appearances only on military bases, where the audience can be controlled, or doing two minute photo opts in some elementary school. We all know he wants to avoid protesters, but what he really wants to avoid even more... are his supporters.

To see why, all one has to do is read some of the posts at It is an unending river of hate, racism, homophobia, and appalling ignorance. It is like a Klan meeting being held at a gun show sponsored by fox news network. Though the freepers are vile disgusting creatures, they do serve one very important purpose, and that is to stand as a demonstration of exactly the kind of trash makes up the foundation of the republican party.

I have long said there are only 2 reasons that anybody is republican, greed and/or ignorance.

The greedy ones make up about 10% or 15% of the party. These are the rich old money power hungry people at the top of the party, like Dick Cheney and Trent Lott, who clearly are anything but stupid. No, their actions are cold calculated manipulation of the system to to sole end of stuffing their pockets with your money. They don't buy the shit they spew, they know it is bullshit... they just are willing to say and do what ever it takes to get more $$$. These are the people who try to play to the middle and pretend to be compassionate conservatives. These are also the people who would suffer the most damage were the truth about the freepers to get some national press attention.

Because that 10% or 15% of the party alone is not enough to accomplish anything at all. There just are not enough of them to move their agenda forward, so they need more people and that is where the freepers come in. They make a deal with the devil... they stroke the agenda of the racists and the homophobes to get that "angry (middle-aged overweight) white male" vote, but they do it on the sly so they can try to also win some support from the political middle. If those middle of the road voters knew all about the freepers and what they stand for, they'd never vote republican again.

Because the freepers who make up the rest of the republican party are made up of various combinations of racist, hate-filled, zenophobic, homophobic, ignorant religo-wackos. These make up the majority of the freepers. The greedy ones need these ignorant scum to boost their numbers, but they also need the middle of the road voters. So they play to the hate and ignorance of the freepers, while trying to pretend to be middle of the road. They tell these idiots that government is the big evil liberal bad guy, and if they'd just give big business all the power, everything would be grand and wonderful. They blame those who the idiots hate for the problems the idiots have, just like Hitler did.

They get the morons so wild and angry that they'll do anything they are told and believe anything they are spoon-fed. Hell I still have some little freeper idiot e-mailing me saying that the vandalism in the White House really did happen... even though there is not one picture, one name, or work order on record.

Are you telling me that thousands of dollars worth of damage was repaired, and there's no record of that work being done? No work order, no receipts, no W-9's for outside contractors? How did they get the dollar amount for the damage without a transaction of some kind to set that amount? Why are their no records of it? Are they saying that the first act of the bush white house was to ignore the laws and procedures for keeping records of spending for maintenance work and repairs to the White House? Where are the records for the phone company guy who had to come out and fix the supposedly cut phone lines? Who's job was it to clean the graffiti, why haven't they come forward with a name and gone on record with what they saw?

Not surprisingly, the freeper could not answer... they never can. Which is why any non-conservative opinions are quickly deleted from the site. It created what has been called an echo chamber of hate. For example, a story recently made the national press about a couple in Texas who kept a child in a closet for four years. The freeper response to this story was to complain that the press is liberally biased because they kept mentioning this happened in Texas, W's home state. They then go on to claim that this couple were probably some liberal democrats on welfare. You see the freepers like to do that, to assign all behaviors to party affiliation. I assume this is because their rabid fanatical political beliefs are all these tiny people have to create their sense of personal identity, so they don't know any other way of thinking. Though facts and freepers are like oil and water. It turns out the couple were both religious wackos... and not liberals at all. But facts never served to stop the freepers from spewing their hateful lies.

The only half way intelligent republicans I've ever met, are republicans in it for the money... they want to make and keep as much money as possible, while giving back as little as possible for what they take from the rest of us. But they can't do it alone, they need to ride on the backs of the ignorant masses of repig sheep. And while they've told the freepers to be outraged at welfare for taking their money, the greedy republicans are stealing 10 times as much for their corporate pals and 100 times as much for their defense industry pals.

That's how it works. The greedy ones use the stupid ones to facilitate their theft of our nation's resources.

The freepers stand as a perfect example of this fact, and they show us all what the vast majority of the republican party is really made of... vile ignorant racist trash being led around by their hate and their fear at the hands of a few greedy bastards.

The good thing, and the thing that gives me hope, is that such a system can not be maintained very long. It is, by its very nature, self-destructive. Their dependence on hate, will be their undoing. Because, like the animals they are, they'll eat their own as soon as things get rough. They can not tolerate any views other than their own, so they'll attack any dissent or disagreement in their party... just look at McCain or Jeffords. The republican party will destroy itself. As they move more to the right to please the freepers, they'll lose the moderates.

The only question is will they do this before, or after, they've fucked things up for the rest of us.

How Long Did They Think They'd Get Away With It?

Excerpt :

"Angered by the refusal of electricity wholesalers to surrender information about suspected price gouging, a Senate committee voted Thursday to hold two big energy companies in contempt of the Legislature

"Enron reacted angrily. "This is a shakedown," charged spokesman Mark Palmer. "And if this is a shakedown, we're going to protect our legal rights."

Enron had further enraged the committee by sending a letter saying the legislative panel had no authority to conduct its investigation because wholesale prices were the "exclusive jurisdiction" of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission."

As a California citizen, let me be the first to tell Enron... BOO FUCKING HOO!!!

This announcement comes on the heels of Duke Energy facing serious trouble after employees came forward with accounts of being ordered to destroy replacement generator parts and run generators far under capacity in order to limit supply and drive up prices.

Now Enron and Mirant have refused to supply subpoenaed documents, that might serve as evidence of their price gouging and market manipulation. How long did they think they could hide behind FERC and a complicit republican administration? How long did they think it would take before California consumers said enough is enough?

Now they want to cry about this being some kind of shake down? You want to talk about a shake downs, let's talk about the hospitals that had electric rates go up by tens of thousands of dollars in just a few months. They have no choice but to pay because if they don't keep the power running, people die.

Let's talk about the small businesses like grocery stores and restaurants that saw their bills quadruple over the summer, and can no longer afford to run their freezers and refrigerators. The only choice they have is to go out of business or raise their prices. However consumers already hurting from paying the electric bills for their homes, which also quadrupled, haven't got the money to pay the regular prices for groceries, let alone the new higher prices.

These power companies have been shaking down California consumers for a year now... it's time for payback. We need a windfall profit tax, massive fines, a nice class action lawsuit for every consumer that's been gouged, and we need jail time for the CEO's of these companies who've perpetrated this crime on the people.



Excellent site! I enjoyed the welcome message and stories. I teach 3rd grade in Texas and have been aware of the bush dynasty for some time. Just read Molly Ivin's book, "Shrub," which I would recommend to anyone who is just a little nervous about this guy. The thing I relish right now is that there is a vibe in the air that this guy has been found out, that we saw him coming. This is a GLOBAL vibe. Then Jeffords! Man that felt good. I have been trying to adopt a more Tibetan Monk attitude about bush: I love him! He caused Jeffords to say "screw this." He has helped swell the ranks of the National Wildlife Federation and Sierra Club (I upped my membership in both as soon as he was appointed). You can bet that the black voters in Florida have mobilized and will never let voter fraud happen again. (By the way, send some dough to the Florida Democrats to help them oust Jeb next election). He has inspired numerous debates and conversations about issues amongst the teaching staff at school. I don't know how many times I've called Phil Gramm and Kay Baily Hutchison and have inspired others to do so as well. In general I think that the bush cheney ticket is exactly what we need right now to wake people up. I mean, for example the whole global warning thing was, since Raygun, labeled a myth in the MEpublican camp. I remember in the mid-80's receiving from my ultra-conservative parents a book denouncing global warming and insisting that humans contribute very little CO2. I'm sure the author was an exxon scientist. Now look where the Mepubs are with global warming: Like a puppy with its nose being shoved in a puddle of pee. They are shooting themselves in the foot at every turn (like most wise folks didn't see that coming with such an idiot as bush?) Kyoto, Taiwan, aerial spraying of herbicides causing sickness in Columbia, flawed energy policy, faith-based bullshit... Keep up the good work....


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